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For more than 500 years Indigenous Children around the world have been shattered by oppression and deculturalization. Today, our children remain at risk and suffer the highest rates of illness, suicide, poverty, isolation, and despair. The time of shame, fear, and suffering is over. Let the healing begin.

On 16 May 2014, Native Children’s Survival Youth Ambassador, Ta’Kaiya Blaney delivered an intervention establishing the Native Children’s Survival (NCS) Indigenous Children’s Fund (ICF) at The Thirteenth Session of the Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues (UNPFII13) held at UN Headquarters, New York from 12 to 23 May 2014.  At 13, she is the youngest person to deliver such an intervention. The Intervention was written by Ta’Kaiya on behalf of the vision and founder of the fund, Robby Romero and sponsored by Native Children’s Survival, The American Indian Law Alliance, and The Seventh Generation Fund For Indigenous Peoples.

“The importance of establishing a Native Children’s Survival Indigenous Children Fund in this moment cannot be stressed enough. Elders and cultural carriers of Indigenous traditions and wisdom are dying, and in most regions, before they can effectively pass down their wisdom and cultural teachings to us, the seventh generation. A Native Children’s Survival Indigenous Children’s Fund would specifically address the focus areas stated in the United Nations Report, The State of the World’s Indigenous Peoples: Culture, Language, Health, Education and Sport,  Poverty and Well-being, and Human Rights.”

 – Ta’Kaiya Blaney, NCS Youth Ambassador

Native Children’s Survival is currently developing a marketing campaign that includes a series of public service announcements designed to address, educate, and create awareness about the challenges and needs of Indigenous Children around the world.

UN SWIPIn 2017 Native Children’s Survival will present The Inaugural Concert for Indigenous Children, a coming together of performing artists, dignitaries, leaders and youth. The goal is to foster broad appeal across generations and facilitate a metaphorical link between the past and the present to help ensure the protection and survival of Indigenous Children now and for future generations.

The Concert for Indigenous Children is committed to eradicating the life threatening conditions Indigenous children endure each and every day. These conditions include the specific areas stated in the United Nations Report “The State of the World’s Indigenous Peoples Vol. II” released 9 August 2015.



music notes On 19 January 1990, prefaced by President Mikhail Gorbachev’s historic environmental message at the Global Forum of Spiritual and Parliamentary Leaders in Moscow, Native Children’s Survival’s first music picture, Is It Too Late was broadcast around the world from the Kremlin and premiered at the United Nations General Assembly in New York City during the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), Children and the Environment Project.  Is It Too Late, written and performed by NCS Founder/President Robby Romero and featuring artists from around the world, was a call to action to protect Mother Earth and all her children.

Our latest music picture Earth Revolution, written and performed by NCS Youth Ambassador Ta’Kaiya Blaney and featuring children from around the world, won the BEST MUSIC VIDEO AWARD at the 2016 44th Annual American Indian Film Festival. Earth Revolution had its Paris premiere on 28 November 2015, at COY11 Conference of Youth on the eve of the 21st Conference of the Parties (COP21) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), and the 11th meeting of the Parties to the Kyoto Protocol, in Paris, France. Prefaced by H.E. Laurent Fabius, French Foreign Minister and President of COP21, Earth Revolution is the essence of the youth movement to protect Mother Earth and all her children.

Earth Revolution drops on Mother Earth Day 22 April 2018.

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red-megaphone In 1993, Native Children’s Survival created several stereotype-breaking public service announcements for MTV’s Free Your Mind Campaign. The PSA’s introduced contemporary Native Peoples to the music television generation, and helped to dispel long-held myths and misconceptions about Native Peoples in Popular Culture.

Today the campaign continues.  The latest Native Children’s Survival PSA, Iron Horse Summer Of The Red WillowChange The Name Campaign released in 2015, shines the light on divisive misconceptions and derogatory names and images that continue to exist in Popular Culture.

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film-reel On 25 November 1993, Native Children’s Survival’s first rockumentary film, Makoce Makan: Sacred Earth was broadcast on MTV Networks as a VH1 World Alert special in support of the Native American Freedom Of Religion Legislation and the protection of Native Peoples Sacred Sites then in the US congress.

Currently in development, Sacred Sites: The Fight for Religious Freedom is a multi-part series of documentaries about Native Peoples continued pursuit for religious freedom and cultural survival in the 21st century. Through song, dance and ceremony, the series covers the topic using an immersionist style of documentary filmmaking.

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Aveda So Ho 2003

In April 2002, Indigenous (a Purifying Collection of wild-crafted ingredients sustainably harvested by Indigenous Peoples) was launched globally.  Indigenous was produced in collaboration with the Aveda Corporation to support the traditional values and sustainable practices of Indigenous Peoples and environmental organizations around the world. The Purifying Collection included a Purifying Hair and Body Cleanser, Purifying Pure-Fume Composition and Purifying Aroma Candle.

Currently in development is a new organic plant and mineral based Climate Change Sun Block that contains non-nano zinc.  This new product is designed to protect your skin from the increasing dangers of exposure to direct solar radiation  caused by the global warming pollution that is “forcing” climate change while at the same time protecting the world’s oceans and coral reefs from toxic chemicals used in some sunscreens.

Climate Change Sun Block will launch in 2017.

Our Give-back products express a reverence to Mother Earth, devotion to the environment, and an alliance with the Wisdom Keepers of the world.


Native Children's Survival

If not now, when? If not you, who? is an essential CD/DVD collection of music, music videos, rockumentary films and public service announcement campaigns about the critical need to permanently protect our last remaining wild places and bridge the gap between Indigenous Peoples, Human Rights and the Environment.

This essential CD/DVD collection includes the following titles:



Hidden MedicineMAKOCE-WAKAN

100% of profits from the sale of
If not now, when? If not you, who?
benefits and supports the work of Native Children’s Survival.

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