16 May 2014, Ta’kaiya Blaney (Sliammon Nation), shared the aspiration of Native Children’s Survival  founder Robby Romero to establish an Indigenous Children’s Fund in collaboration with the Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues to ensure the survival and well-being of Indigenous children and youth now and for the generations to come.

The intervention was written by Ta’Kaiya (13 years of age) and presented as a Joint Statement of Native Children’s Survival, American Indian Law Alliance, Seventh Generation Fund for Indigenous Peoples during the Thirtetenth Session of the Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues, New York, May 12-23, 2014.

Ta’kaiya’s intervention included the following statements: “Children under 18 account for 61% of Indigenous population; the true majority and foundation of Indigenous societies.”

“For centuries, our Nations have sustained the familiar cycles of poverty and cultural extinguishment, as well as there ensuing counterparts, inadequate healthcare and education, infant mortality, drug abuse, language loss, distance from self-sustaining traditional practices and suicide. Due to the continuation of historic exclusion, attacks on our cultures, and discrimination, we the Indigenous youth are subjected to colonization and the devastating after effects of residential and boarding schools.”

“The importance of establishing an Indigenous Children’s Fund in this moment, cannot be stressed enough for our Elders because they are dying before they can effectively pass down the culture.”

“We recommend the creation and establishment of the Native Children’s Survival Indigenous Children’s Fund (ICF), in collaboration with the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues, with specific areas identified that the ICF will address and assist which include: health, education, culture, language, environment and human rights.”

Ta’kaiya’s statement begins at 2:42:00